Monday, 23 July 2012

Script For Folder Count


Using the below script we can dump the list of users and their folder size in exchange server 2010

# script to list the number of folders in each mailbox
$mbx|select Displayname,@{n="FolderIdCount";e={(get-mailboxfolderstatistics -id $_.Identity | select FolderId).count}} | Sort-Object -Property Displayname | export-csv c:\files\results.csv

If you want to know how many items are in every mailbox and if all items in mailbox is more than 500 you can use this below script:

$data = $((get-date).ToString('dd.MM.yyyy'))
Function New-Array {,$args}
$Report = New-Array
$count_max = 500
$mbxs = get-mailbox | select -first 100 -resultsize unlimited
foreach ($mbx in $mbxs){
$mbxstat = get-mailboxstatistics $mbx.SAMAccountName
if ($mbxstat.ItemCount -gt $count_max){
$report_tmp = New-Object System.Object
$report_tmp | Add-Member -type NoteProperty -name DisplayName -value $mbx.DisplayName
$report_tmp | Add-Member -type NoteProperty -name ItemCount -value $mbxstat.ItemCount
$Report += $report_tmp
$Report | ft -auto | Out-String -Width 4096 > d:\scripts\report_count_$data.txt
Send-MailMessage -To -From -Subject "Mailbox items count $data" -SmtpServer youremailserver -Attachments d:\scripts\report_count_$data.txt

Sankar M